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Thugsters 2007

Thugsters 2007

Man and his best friend

Man and his best friend


Under the deepest trials, there still is a sense of calm and overwhelming hope. Thankful, blessed, and humbled I am afforded inner peace by The Lord. Sometimes looking back helps us see more clearly moving forward. I smile more confidently knowing that I am closer to my dreams, and becoming more familiar about my path to happiness.

Short term goals:

1. 2 investment properties that gross +$1000/mo positive cash flow

2. 10 day vacation to Spain/Italy/England Amsterdam

3. That S5 (2013+)

4. Spend no more than $40/week on alcohol

5. Sacrifice all negative willed feelings to The Lord. ALL.

Continue believing in God. I fully believe in my inner feelings and trust that God is putting me through exactly what I need to become a better person for him. I will not worry. I will do my best to grow.